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Back when I used dolomite, I could never get gH/kH to raise to the level I want.

On Mar 12, I added 1.5 cups of crush coral in the filter. The water was tested at 3 gH and 3 kH that day. This morning (Mar 15), I tested the water again and it was to at 6 gH and 6 kH.

This is for the 75G. We are not talking a small amount of water.

At c$ 12.76 for 15lb bag, it sure beat using liquid cal or equilibrium to bring gH up.

I am going to experiment with Mg to water ratio and dosing it as a form of daily nutrient.

I will be mixing a batch up where I can add the same amount as plantex dose per day. ie. If I dose 5 ml plantex I would be dosing 5 ml of Mg.

I might combine the micro and Mg into 1 bottle. Does anyone see any side effect in doing so?

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Be careful with the crushed coral. I do know that some people use this method to maintain GH/KH (e.g., Neil Frank). However, I've always been concerned that I will get calcium/magnesium issues as you can't control how much is being put into the tank.

If I were you, I would use a small amount and monitor the impact on hardness. If you notice hardness becomes stable over time, then you are using the right amount as your plants are using the same amount as what is being put in.
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