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This sounds stupid, but I can't grow java moss, this is supposed to be a EASY plant. I have put it in my high light (nearly 4w/g, W/ pressururized co2 30PPM) I put it in a low light (30 tall show tank 65W PC 12 PPM co2) I put it in the 3W/G 50G tank with 25PPM co2, and the "walstad" tank w/ no ferts or co2. It just seems to wither away and die. You can see a pic of two of my tanks here,

Perams, commen to all tanks, kh 120PPM, PH 7.0-7.8 (depending on the tank's co2 level) amm = 0, nitrite = 0, phospate = 1, nitrate = 10, all ferts dosed macro/trace amount depends on plant groth/light/what makes no algae. Water is med-hard.

Is there somehting I don't know?? I have tried moss from diffrent suppliers, does anyone have any hints?

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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