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I think I'll do some fly-fishing this year around the many creeks, lakes, ponds, rivers. i'll catch what ever I can and put them in a 200,000 gallon tank I'll have made for them. Then I'll be able to fly fish year-round. Catch and release of course. Maybe I'll catch a trout they stock the rivers with and it will be big enough so I can put it under the broiler with some butter, lemon-pepper seasoning and salt. It should be good if you like to eat fish. Come to think of it, many of the fish from other countries found in the aquarium trade, could be put into hatchery programs here in the US. They could then be sold to all the various oriental supermarkets in philadelphia. Just don't buy the ground beef from these oriental supermarkets. I know first hand it's not real beef.:cool:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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