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I.D., please?

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Hi, All!

I went to the LFS for my fix, today ;). I saw a very pretty plant simply labelled "Ludwigia sp. NEW." Despite my terrible skill at growing Ludwigias of any kind, I thought I'd give these a try since they were so pretty, healthy, and relatively inexpensive. They're in my new tank.

I have a feeling that they're L. sp. 'Pantanal' but I can't be sure since I've never actually seen the plant with my own eyes. So could somebody please confirm if they are or aren't? They're in the album labelled "???"

Sorry the shots are crummy. The leaves of the plant sort of got crumpled on the way home. For the top-view photo, I had to move the strip light to the side, which ended up making it look washed-out.

Anyway, will they be okay in an unheated tank? It doesn't get too cold in the house. There's some granular peat under the Flourite to hopefully bring down the pH. At the moment, I'm only adding Excel but will probably start dosing fertilizers next week.

Thanks for any help with ID and care.

-Naomi :)
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Was this from Albany? Here's a pantanalwrite up from AquaBotanic. Is it really as pink as it looks in the first pic?

I'm on hiatus from buying new plants until I get things in order in my 40. The 'cuba' that I bought a couple of weeks ago is starting to make a comeback after getting dosing tips from Tom Barr himself. Also my L. repens looks to be growing vertical again after spending the past couple of weeks limping along and dropping a lot of leaves.
No re-scape. Just had the water get out-of-whack. The Fremont water supply's KH has gone from 4.5 to 8 recently, and my tank's GH climbed from 13 to ~20 (probably due to mineral concentration from evaporation). Tom suggested I dose some Mg (based on the pics of my 'cuba') and sure enough, the new growth is coming out narrow with no curling. So maybe I was getting too high on Ca over the past few weeks.

Through it all the fish seem no worse for wear. In fact, my Congo Tetras started spawning again this morning (with hungry Rummynoses in trail :( ).

Your pantanal looks excellent. Guy seems to be bringing in a lot of the hot-topic plants lately. If traffic through the maze wasn't so bad during the week I'd be tempted to drive out there to take a look see myself. :D
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