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I hate algae!

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I started my 12g plant tank with the following:
Pressurized CO2
KH of 4
pH 6.6 with pH controller and diffuser
Flora Base Substrate
27W 7100K PC

And the following plants:
Echindorus sp
Echindorus sp
Anubias Nana Petite
Hemianthius sp

Tank is almost completely full of plants and I have a ton of algae. I dose Flourish for now 1 ml every other day.

I have so much hair algae and the walls have a little algae on it (green and brown).

I have the following fish:

Please tell me what I can do to kill this algae. Tomorrow I am going to start dosing KNO3 & KH2PO4. I have performed 1 50% water change and the tank has been set up for about 2 weeks.

TIA, Mike
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Mike, I would strongly suggest following a set 7 say dosing regime that is about 6ppm nitrateand 1ppm po4 on the odd days and 2-3ml of flourish on the even days. A little flourish Iron would not hurt on the even days eithere. I got this from Tom Barr, and changed it a little bit but its still close to what he originally said.

The algae was caused by a alack of plant growth might be a better way to approach and think about this.

So while adding the KNO3/KH2PO4 and more traces will help, you will still need to scrub and clean everything you can and trim the plants up, wipe them etc, clean everything real good.

Next, do a 50-70% water change, add the nutrient back this time, NO3/PO4/K/Traces and keep the CO2 where it's at. Make sure the KH is 4 and the pH is at 6,.6 and keep it there all the time when the lights are on.
It might rise some near the end of the day, check to make sure.

Dose well for about 3 weeks and keep up on attacking the algae and keeping it clean till the tank readjust.

Where you interested in some plant tanks? I live here in FL and have 3 for sale.

Tom Barr
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Thanx Shane and Tom!

I cleaned the echindorus sp last night, and pulled out some of the long string algae. I will start dosing tonight.

What size tanks do you have for sale, do you have any pics?

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