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I Have 75 Watts Over 10 Gallon. Too Much?

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The glossos in my tank have started growing, but I noticed that they are growing vertically instead of spreading out horizontally. Seems like they want more light, so I added another 15 watts to the original 60 watts, a total of 75 watts. The bulbs are Coralife Day-Max Freshwater Aquarium flourescent bulbs.
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I have homemade reflectors. They are shiny, metal sheets lining the sides, the front, the back and the top of the inside of my homemade hood. My fertilization is pretty good, around 5ppm of nitrate, 1 ppm of phosphate. I also add potassium, a little bit of iron and Flourish for micronutrients. Still, the glossos are beginning to grow upward and they are spreading at a very slow speed.
I dose 5ppm of nitrate, 1ppm of phosphate, 5ppm of potassium, and 10ml of Flourish every 4 days. Too much? Too little? It should be mention that I only have glossos and a small portion of riccia in the tank. I also have DIY CO2 yeast.

side note: Magnus is the one that donated the glossos to me. Thanks Dam.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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