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Actually, I think my shrimp are not the "ghost shrimp" that need brackish water to breed. My shrimp look rather like the ones here: Mine are a little more transparent, but they have that funny "kink" in their back like the second picture, and the big goggly eyes like the third picture.

I bought transparent "feeder shrimp" from a fishstore, and assumed they were ghost shrimp that could not breed in my tank. A year or so later, I installed a tank divider to leave a fish-free and shrimp-free place in my tank. Some time later, I was surprised to find that the "empty" section of the tank has at least 8 baby shrimp! I think the babies are now almost half as long as their parents. The baby shrimp must have gone through the small holes in the divider, and thus escaped the guppies and platies that the adult shrimp live with. (Note: daphnia and baby cherry shrimp go through my tank divider, too.)

I've read many times that "ghost shrimp cannot reproduce in freshwater," so I thought I'd share my experience of apparent "ghost shrimp" that definitely did breed.

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