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There's always Perfecto's 30 breeder (30x12x18). The same front pane as a 20L, but 6" wider. I'm just throwing this one out there cause I have never seen or heard of anyone using it. I have 2 of them, but they are no longer scaped, just used for their original intention- breeding fish.

I like what you said about taking the narrow footprint as a challenge. I have a 40 long and feel I was successful overcoming the narrow depth problem. I found that terracing and sloping the substrate helps a lot in creating perceived depth. Also, plant choice and placement will help. Have groupings grow forward as well as upward. By showing the tops of the plants the viewer gets a skewed vantage point and perspective, again creating perceived depth. (Comic book art makes good use of this) Then, when you shoot your tank, use a really wide angle lense and you'll futher increase the depth in your tanks. There are so many examples of this in Amano's work, you look at the tank, then the specs and you think, "heh? those dimensions can't be right."
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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