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I need a snail ID

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I went kayaking this past weekend on the Econfina Creek, incase anyone knows about this creek. Well when I was kayaking, there was an amazing amount of aquatic life. I found Ludwigia repens, Micranthemum umbrosum, Hydrocotyle verticillata, some aquatic moss with round "leaves", and what looks like hairgrss but its really short like 2" and grows about 8 blades per plant. Could use some ID on that grass and moss too. There was also A LOT of hornwort, but I don't like hornwort so I didn't get any. There was other stuff, but I didn't take any of that either.

On to the snail, there were hundreds of these trumpet snails. The shell is black or dark brown and elongated. There are a lot of little ridges on the shell, and the shell is only about 3/4" - 1". The body of the snail is gray with black specks and lines. There is no trapdoor. They don't eat plants, since all plants I collected had no damage due to snails, and there has been no damage to any plants in any of my tanks. The snails were mostly on the sand, which leads me to believe they are burrowing snails. I don't know if they eat algae yet, but I will keep an eye out to see if they will eat algae in my tanks. So does anyone know what type of snail this is?
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No one has any idea what kind of snail this is?

There seems to be one that looks like an mts, but I have only ever had pond, ramshorn, and recently nerites snails, so I'm not really sure. Does anyone know a good site on freshwater snails that talks about all snails, rather than those in the hobby?
Sorry for not posting a pic. I was thinking of posting one, but I am usually at work. Also, these snails seem to be changing from the black to a nice amber brown color. I looked through that link that you posted bill, and I think the best fit is fig 59. The discription of the snail being in quiet current and on the silt substrate also fits the snail. The snails I found were only really in the quiet slow areas of the river as well. Thanx for you help. I made sure to bookmark that article in case I run into any more unidentified snails.
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