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I need advice

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Hi im not new to fishkeeping but I am a novice at planted tanks.I've
got a co2 reactor I built myself which runs into my powerhead for
My plants are:
1)Wysteria 4)Amazon Swords 7)Ammania A easy to grow red plant
2)Java moss 5)Bacopa mint 8)Baby tears
3Dwarf hair grass 6)Lud Repens

My plants arent lively, probably due to the substrate which is sand.
I plan to place my plants in clay pots with aquatic soil rather than
tear the whole tank down. That and the fact that I'm not sure what
direction to go with a substrate suitable for plants.
Have you got any advice for me on whic direction to go? I really want
the plants to flourish, but they aren't.Any and all advice you have
would be quite welcome.

Thank you very much, Jay
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Re: Masive lighting upgrade

daddyo72 said:
EDIT: having a lighting problem. Planted tanks are way to expensive. I mean the lighting.
That's what ODNO is for! Here's a link to learn more about ODNO, this article is IMO the best one I've read:

For example, with Workhorse 5(the best ballast for this application, note only electronic ballasts can be used) you can run 4, 32w bulbs at 128w which would be ideal for the plants you have and therefore you can avoid expensive C02 setups. Note, the less you 'overdrive' the bulb the more effecient it is.
daddyo72 said:
Will this be enough WPG for a 55 gallon?
Two T8's using a magnetic(default) ballast will give you a mere 64w...which isn't enough.

Two T8's using a Workhorse 5 electronic ballast will give you a woping 128w...which is good enough.
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