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In order to provide an accurate answer to your question, please use the following template when asking for help.

1. Tank water volume:
2. Tank lighting (type, watts per gallong, etc.):
3. Tank filtration:
4. Tank substrate:
5. Plants:
6. Fish:
7. Test kits used (brand and type):
8. Fertilization regimen (include products used):
9. Do you CO2?
10. Water change routine:
11. How long has the tank been set up?
12. Describe your question or problem in detail:

Thanks! :D

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Beginners Info Sheet

Tank Dimensions (LxWxH):
Tank Volume (litres or gallons):
Lighting Intensity(No of Watts) :
Type of Lighting (FL/PL/MH) :
No. of Hours your light is on :
CO2 Injection Rate (bps) :
Type of CO2 (DIY/Liquid/Tank) :
Method of Injection (e.g. Diffusor/Reactor):
Substrate Used :
How Thick is your base fert :
How thick is your gravel :
Liquid Fertilizers Used :
Frequency of fertilization :
Tank Temperature :
Type of Filter (overhead/internal/canister) :
Filter media used :
How long has your tank been set up :
Other equipment :

Chemical Properties (Fill what you can)
Carbonate Hardness (KH):
Total Hardness (gH):
pH :
NH4 (ppm):
NO2 (ppm):
NO3 (ppm):
PO4 (ppm):
Fe (ppm):

Bioload (Your Fish and Plants)

<State what fishes and plants you have to the best of your ability>

Describe your problem :

<problem description. If you have picture which could help then please post them>

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