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tsunami said:
#1 Bacopa monnieri
#2 Vallisneria sp
#3 bog plant, not an aquatic... will die in your tank
#4 Hygrophila difformis
#5 Hygrophila corymbosa... possibly v siamensis
#6 another bog plant, will die in your tank
#7 Vallisneria sp
#8 looks like Hygrophila polysperma
#9 Cabomba caroliniana
#10 Ludwigia repens
#11 Cabomba caroliniana pulcherrima

thanks, but what do you mean bog plant?

do you mean its better for my vivarium with my salamander? :shock:

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Wheeler said:
I generally grill my LFS people about selling bog plants to unsuspecting neophytes. My original thought was maybe the LFS doesn't know this little detail themselves, but as I make my way through this crazy world, I realised that these bog plants are well developed and colorful-- therefore, they sell better. I'm very vocal about it, especially when the one LFS that I'll actually shop at does it. They don't neccessarily appreciate my advice, but they don't sell bog plants much anymore...

The LFS's that know better and still sell these plants are usually the ones with LOTS of tanks filled with painted glass fish, other dye injected critters, Columbian red tail catfish, and Peacock Bass, etc... These places are totally disrespectful of hobbyists and world wellfare and should be avoided. Any place that would shoot itself in the foot by not catering to the hobbyist needs to rethink their mission. Creating hobbyists is job number one for a LFS, and that begins by setting the neophyte up for success.

The plants you managed to pick up are big chain store staples. Be very careful when shopping at these places, because even if you don't know a whole lot about it, you can bet the farm the kid with the net and plastic bag knows alot less than you.

Anyway, you did get some really good ones :)
my LFS is not a big chain store, usually very good advice & help, all these plants were dirt cheap, and they dont sell painted fish, peacock bass or red tailed catfish :p

anywho I added them to my vivarium, they look nice and I'm happy :D
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