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Idea for ridding snails for good.

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Ok so after my research Alum kils snails least at high enough doses...and doesnt harm plants.. I have an 80 gallon planted aquarium with plants and snails only. My question is if i treated my aquarium as a whole now will i be able to get the alum out to make it safe for shrimp and fish and never worry about snails again.. PS i already purchases 25 pounds of alum in bulk online it was only 30 bucks. let me know what you think and ways to get it back out of my system
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alum sulphate is used in cakes and pickling i dont think its poisonous. My main question i guess is how will i filter it out of my aquairum. will activated carbon work fine. also has anyone ever tried this. has anyone ever lost plants to this alum dip
oh and i have notihng in the tank at all expcept plants and snails. i plan on adding shrimp after i get the water safe after the alum treatment. and then fish. I also plan on leaving in the tank for several days to kill all bugs and snails
couldmt i just use water conditioner to remove heavy metals then some water changes. im just concerned right now....of hurting my plants...then down the road i want to put in fish and shrimp
well my tank is acrylic. the fish i plan on getting are tetras and ottos so there... would conditoners that rid of heavy metals really not work..esp. with activated carbon and i also have a poly pad that absorbs all kinds of stuff...i mean everything else i read says to leave plants in alum for 3 days to rid snails and eggs so how will it hurt the plants
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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