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Idea for ridding snails for good.

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Ok so after my research Alum kils snails least at high enough doses...and doesnt harm plants.. I have an 80 gallon planted aquarium with plants and snails only. My question is if i treated my aquarium as a whole now will i be able to get the alum out to make it safe for shrimp and fish and never worry about snails again.. PS i already purchases 25 pounds of alum in bulk online it was only 30 bucks. let me know what you think and ways to get it back out of my system
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Assassin Snails(they eat other snails) problem solved no chemicals added to the tank.
oh and i have notihng in the tank at all expcept plants and snails. i plan on adding shrimp after i get the water safe after the alum treatment. and then fish. I also plan on leaving in the tank for several days to kill all bugs and snails
ummm didnt read everything but ALUM is a HEAVY METAL, putting it in your tank is just plain a bad idea. I would look at a Loach, or Assassin Snail(Anentome helena), or Manual removal. Heavy metals willingly added to fish tank = bad idea(other than iron). You can always return the loach to the LFS for a store credit once he has done the job.

That is your safest bet hands down!
couldmt i just use water conditioner to remove heavy metals then some water changes. im just concerned right now....of hurting my plants...then down the road i want to put in fish and shrimp
Well if you plant to put shrimp in the tank its a NO GO, the Silicone will absorb the alum and it will leach, it could kill your plants as well who knows. Trust me on this any heavy metal in a tank that will house shrimp is a very very bad idea, and shrimp and fish in the same tank also bad idea, can you say shrimp treat? There is only one truly shrimp safe fish that is an Otto, any other fish will harass and try to eat shrimp if you are planing on the smaller shrimp like red cherry shrimp. I would order myself a Assassin snail if i wanted to get rid of rams horns,pond snails or MTS, i have all those snails and i personally like them! MTS are my favorites, great cleaners. The Assassin snail will eat any other type of snail in the tank, Unlike loaches which are hit or miss(some will eat snails some ignore them, mine would only eat them if i crushed the shell first they were lazy loaches lol) My Honest advice, Save the alum,make some pickles with it and get you an Assassin snail.
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well my tank is acrylic. the fish i plan on getting are tetras and ottos so there... would conditoners that rid of heavy metals really not work..esp. with activated carbon and i also have a poly pad that absorbs all kinds of stuff...i mean everything else i read says to leave plants in alum for 3 days to rid snails and eggs so how will it hurt the plants
Ok im gonna sound like a jerk here for a second. More than just me have said Alum is a bad idea, it could kill your plants, and leech later.If you use it, do so at your own risk and if it kills everything in the tank, well we tried to warn you, some lessons some people just need to learn the hard way, where as an Assassin snail, is 100% effective, and 100% safe for everything in the tank other than the other snails. Its your tank you choose what you want to do but if you crash it dont cry about it, we tried to warn you.

Oh and tetras Will nip at,kill and eat shrimp not a good idea unless your getting larger shrimp. But as i said its your tank do what you want, just dont cry about it when your fish kill and eat your shrimp, i tried to warn you.
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