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Idea for ridding snails for good.

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Ok so after my research Alum kils snails least at high enough doses...and doesnt harm plants.. I have an 80 gallon planted aquarium with plants and snails only. My question is if i treated my aquarium as a whole now will i be able to get the alum out to make it safe for shrimp and fish and never worry about snails again.. PS i already purchases 25 pounds of alum in bulk online it was only 30 bucks. let me know what you think and ways to get it back out of my system
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I always like to go with a more natural approach with problems in my aquarium rather than a chemical one. I have used alum as a plant dip in the past and when it hydrolyzes it forms a weak solution of sulfuric acid. I noticed that the aluminum container that I had the dip in got really shiny where the water line was (the dip was removing the corrosion lol) . Also some of the plants I dipped it in died.
Have you researched clown loaches? They're great at getting rid of snails. Also you could build a snail trap like this person did here:
One more thing that i've heard is that you can put a piece of lettuce in your aquarium at night and in the morning it should be covered with snails and you can just remove them.

I hope this helps
Hi there I found this site that refers to using alum to kill snails and it refers to using it in a dip, not adding it to your aquarium. here's the site I just hate to see you end up having trouble down the road by using these chemicals when you can do it a natural way. I hope this site helps.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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