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Idea for ridding snails for good.

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Ok so after my research Alum kils snails least at high enough doses...and doesnt harm plants.. I have an 80 gallon planted aquarium with plants and snails only. My question is if i treated my aquarium as a whole now will i be able to get the alum out to make it safe for shrimp and fish and never worry about snails again.. PS i already purchases 25 pounds of alum in bulk online it was only 30 bucks. let me know what you think and ways to get it back out of my system
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as benderisawesome said, try going the natural root first. if you dont want to get a snail eating fish then using lettuce really is your best bet although celery lasts longer in my experience. something else that helps is lowering the temperature(if possible) because the snails will reproduce slower thus making it less of an uphill battle. i actually used both ideas simultaneously to rid a few tanks of unwanted snails.
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