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i have to agree that a regular aquarium heater is the most cost effective and safest way to go.

think of it this way... add up all the live stock in your tank. how much money is invested? now add up the cost of your ballasts, carpet/wood floors, and everything on the floor below you tank. how many thousands of dollars are you up to?

if one part of your heating/cooling loop should fail and over heat the tank you could cook every thing.
if it springs a leak at any one of the many seams/junctions/fittings while you are at work or out of town you'll have quite a flood on your hands not too mention a @%#$* off insurance provider!

any way, its a cool idea in theory but the investment required to do it in a safe/reliable way seems way more expensive than running the heater.

just my two cents

1 - 3 of 40 Posts
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