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A few thoughts on this as well:

As was mentioned already overheating could be a big problem, especially in the summer. I know it would be on my tank. So, the idea of a solenoid was proposed but I see some problems with that. If you had coolant somehow circulating around the ballasts and were transferring a meaningful amount of heat to the coolant shutting down that circulation would probably cause the ballasts to overheat, at best increasing energy consumption (it's been my understanding that running ballasts cooler cuts energy consumption?) or at worst cooking your ballasts.

Do you have a cabinet stand? How about just running the ballasts in there, line the inside of the stand with foam sheeting. Maybe not the most effective, but cheaper, easier, and if it gets too hot in the summer just open the door. This has the added benefit of reducing any noise your filter might make!
1 - 1 of 40 Posts
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