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Here it is, my inline ballast heater/heater/co2 reactor/fertilizer injector.
Wow, that's pretty ambitious. If you can brew whiskey as well I'll be truly impressed :)

Personally I don't have enough knowledge to even consider trying to figure out how to do this safely, but I'd re-iterate others who have expressed second thoughts about a system like this. If your ballasts are hot enough to heat your water to any significant degree, it would be hot enough to make a water distribution tube that isn't metal melt over time....

PC geeks have done this, but I'm willing to be some engineer-type made some prototype with some degree of safety.

The safest bet imo is to attach your ballasts to a piece of wood, and get them near the bottom of your tank to gain back some of the heat-loss. The other options I'd be more than a little bit worried about failure. Worry itself (let alone literal failure) may cost you more in the long run......
1 - 1 of 40 Posts
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