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I'm going to have to agree with Svante and Art on this one. That looks like an Anubias to me.

1. None of the Crypts I've grown or seen have photosynthetic roots like those large green ones. Anubias do.

2. Root structure: Crypts don't have the larger "anchor" roots with smaller branch roots coming off the anchors. As an epiphyte, Anubias have them all over the place.

3. Rhizome structure: Crypts tend to have a vertical rhizome with leaves coming out of a central budding region to generally form a rosette shape. Your pictures show a pretty clear horizontal rhizome with leaves coming out of one side usually indicative of a creeping-type rhizome that Anubias have.

4. Leaf structure: The strong central vein and pinnate venation is typical of Anubias. Crypts tend to have a palmate vein structure with three main veins and a webwork of branch veins between them throughout the leaf.

5. Leaf damage and thickness: Crypt leaves generally can't withstand the kind of damage your picture shows and still be healthy. The plant generally drops leaves with that much damage. On the contrary, I see Anubias with that much damage all the time.

Overall, it looks to me like some sort of variagated A. frazeri which, at the price you paid, is total steal! I buy regular small A. frazeri _wholesale_ for about $3.00 US apiece.

BTW, your setup sounds just about perfect for growing crypts, bring the light up another 4 inches and you're golden.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts