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IMPORTANT: Please backup or download your private messages

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As a result of the new and more aggresive attacks on phpBB2 forums and the fact that we are outgrowing its functionality, APC will be moving to a new system.

The import process will only include your private message inbox. If you have any saved private messages or messages in your sent box, please either print them or manually copy & paste them to a file on your computer.

Please do this immediately as the conversion is imminent.

Thank you!
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What system will we move to?
Thanks. I have a bunch - too many that I'm saving, so I guess it's a good time to clean house. :)
Thanks for the heads up, I'll go do that now.
FYI, VB is just as prone to attack as phpBB.

If someone wants to do malicious harm, they just go straight to the server, or perform an attack on the RAID. Either way, VB, Invision or PHP they are all at risk.

If you stay on top of the phpBB patches you are just as safe, if not safer than anyone else.

Also, with phpBB2.2 coming out soon, apparently it will be like Fort Knox for security, which is great news, and its free.

Each to there own I guess, but the sheer versatility and customisation of phpBB stands above the others.

At the end of the day, each platform has its own Pros and Cons. I would rather not waste my money on something that is available for free... JMO anyway...

good luck, you have done well to bring the old content over.

FYI, the last phpBB worm, actually affected vBulletin too. ;-)
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