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The APC Staff is pleased to announce the opening of the:
Inexpensive Aquarium Contest

Our friend Jimjim came up with the idea to showcase the inexpensive planted aquarium. We think this is a wonderful idea so that everyone can see that it doesn't take a lot of $$ to have a good looking planted tank.

Here are the contest details:

Title: The Inexpensive Aquarium Contest
Duration: 2 months (deadline is May 14, 2006)
Prize: Milwaukee CO2 regulator/solenoid/bubble counter/CO2 line and timer

Prize Donor: Jimjim
Purpose: To highlight the beauty of low cost aquariums
  • Maximum cost of aquarium setup: $200
  • Use only products commonly available in your local fish store
  • One picture showing aquarium from the front
  • Picture detail must include itemization of products used
  • Winner pays for shipping costs
Judging: By popular vote of the APC membership. Person with the highest rating based on most votes wins.
How to enter: Just go to our Photo Album and upload your image in the Inexpensive Aquarium Contest sub-category that is found within the Aquarium Contests category. Remember to provide the itemization of the products used to make your aquarium in the description.

Please discuss this contest in the Inexpensive Aquarium Contest Discussion Thread.

We would like to thank Jimjim for his generousity with this contest.
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