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What are the effects of adding NaHCO3 to your tank? I currently add enough to my 10 gallon to raise the kH 2`giving me a kH of 4-4.5`. I am unsure what my gh is. I also add about .25 ppm of Mg. I am not exactly sure why. At some point I fugured I should add a bit of it so I have been but it seems liek that is a negligable amount. I need to start learning more about traces:)

I do a 50% wc every week, have co2 (diy) 3 wpg and 11 neon tetras in the tank. It is planted with 3-4 bunches of R indica, couple bunches of L repens, 2 of Bacopa, 1 bunch of L. nunelaria (sorry I know I buchered that one) Some struggleing, but coming back Didiplis and about 10 small crypt wendtii. What do you think of the amount of Na that goes into my tank? Cuold it lead to problems?
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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