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Hello everyone,

I am Carlos Sanchez, a college student at the sadistic University
of Chicago for most of autumn, winter, and spring. During the
Christmas season and summer, I am usually at home in Miami, Florida
working and playing with the tank.
I am in a rather unusual predicament as I have two fully outfitted
tanks that are in two very different cities. I have a 20g long in my
dorm here in Chicago, and I have a 55 gallon back at home in Miami.
So you may see me talking about this or that tank depending on the
time of year/where I am currently.

And now to provide some background on aquascaping:

The concept of artistic aquascaping began almost as soon as
the first planted aquaria were being created in Europe back in the
1940s. The art of planted aquaria caught on readily in western
Europe where Dutch style planted aquaria evolved. However, it
was Takashi Amano in the early 1990s that truly sparked the expansion of
the planted aquarium hobby all over the world with his Nature
Aquarium World series.
For many hobbyists, serious aquascaping begins after years
of just concentrating on plant health or species collecting. For many others
though, the dream of having a beautifully aquascaped aquarium is what
draws them into the hobby. Whatever the reason, you have come to
the right place! Here, you will be able to share your aquariums with
others, receive advice, discuss pruning and planting techniques, rock
and wood placement, and much more.
As your aquascaping moderator, I will try to do my best to offer
advice and guidance on those who ask for it on their tanks. I will also
be providing weekly discussion topics to stimulate ideas on anything
from Riccia planting technique to the philosophy behind Dutch style
planted aquaria. So enjoy your stay!

Your moderator,

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