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Iron Aquascaper Contest- Deadline Extended

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[img=left:618737ee14][/img:618737ee14]We have received several requests to extend the deadline for the Iron Aquascaper contest. We have agreed to extend the deadline until the end of December.

This is the trophy that the winner will receive. It will be duly engraved with his or her name, the APC logo and the words, "Iron Aquascaper Contest- Rotala indica challenge. First Place".
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Ummm, so, like ahhh, if you already had your pics in (night of the deadline) but wished you had more time for better pics.......could one, do something like, say... resubmit their photos......?
Of course.
Thats a Bummer.... I sure hope you got my pics. I wasn't happy with my photos/ tank very much and I could have used a little more time. BUT I tore the tank down already!!!! @#$%?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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