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Iron Aquascaper supplies

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For contestants:

Our friends at Aquarium Garden have agreed to provide all contestants with a 5% discount on your plant order.

Please use this voucher number: 30008251035.

The voucher is valid through May 2005. It needs to be entered into the shopping cart's field to take effect. The voucher can be used for any number of purchases.

Please support our site AND get a discount on your plant order for the contest by purchasing from Aquarium Garden. Please use the following link:

Aquarium Garden

A special thanks goes to Vic at Aquarium Garden for supporting this contest! =D>
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Our friends at have agreed to support us as well! :D

Here are the specials for our contestants:

  • 5% off all plants
    $5 off any single co2 combo set up (includes sale priced items)
    $1 off every bag of Eco-Complete (includes sale priced)
    $1 off any single co2 piece of electrical equipment
    $5 off any IN STOCK lighting system

Aquatic-Store does not ship equipment and animals/plants together. Additionally, substrate must be shipped separately.

In the note section of the shopping cart, you must state that you are an Iron Aquascaper contestant. You will receive a separate email with the special pricing.

***Do not pay via the website***

A special thanks goes to Marc at Aquatic-Store for supporting the Iron Aquascaper contest! =D>

Please use this link: Aquatic-Store.
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