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iron deficiency???

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It appears like I am having an iron deficiency. 80 gallon tank. I am having my glosso leaves a bit yellow with the center being mostly green. New and old leaves. I am dosing 5ml of flourish daily along with 8ml of PPS solution. My parameters are ok

I was curious if I should start dosing flourish iron to correct. My question is that with all that flourish being added, how much flourish iron should I dose. To me it seems like I am dosing alot already, but maybe not enough. Any ideas would be great
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Hi chiahead,

Your Mg is 20 ppm. If you are dosing Mg then slow down, you do not need that much. Only 2-5 ppm is sufficient.

Before you start dosing more TE to fix the problem, try 5ml SS and 5ml PF Solutions. The 8ml SS in 80gall made 0.67:0.22 NO3:pO4. This new dosing 5ml SS and 5ml PF makes 0.83:0.14 NO3:pO4. This will give you a better chance to increase NO3 in your tank which might be the cause of the deficiency.

Hi Edward,
I am not dosing Mg. I dose CaCl2 from time to time because my substrate leaks too much Mg. My PPS dosing is 6 ml of PF and 2 ml SS daily. Do you think 5 ml of flourish a day is too much? Or does that sound about right? I was just wondering if the Iron would help and how much I should try knowing that the Flourish has iron in it already?
Sorry to interrupt, but is there a reference to the nutrient symbols you are talking about? I haven't learned those yet. Sorry to bug ya, thanks!Thanks.
Hi chiahead

You should flush the aquarium if your substrate leaks too much Mg, not adding more Ca.
Your NO3:pO4 is at 10:1.5 with 2ml SS and 6ml PF. You may try to dose 2ml SS and 10ml PF to get more NO3. If this doesn’t help then you can try more TE.

but is there a reference to the nutrient symbols you are talking about
Common Abbreviations used on APC
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