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The glass diffusers are orginally filters design to filter chemicals.
The filter pads are placed on top and the vacuum is applied.

These a very fine sizes, they will clog and hence have some variation in their ability to diffuse if not cared for.

To improve this: place in a deep, dark corn and with good current that blows into a stand of plants at a slight downward angle. Clean at least monthly.

Diffuser disc and Reactors can be the same efficiency, a disc cannot be placed in line. If you place a reactor in line then you no longer require a power head etc or anything that is not already in the tank, I fail to see the arguement with that issue.

It can be avoided if the hobbyist choses to.
If you want to throttle the CO2 on/off, a solenoid can be had for about the same cost as a powerhead.

The easiest types of CO2 reactors are similar to the Krib's design with the gravel vac. I modeled mine after a Dupla Reactor.

You should be able to make a decent working one for 10$ or so and the cost of a powerhead.

You can make them self leveling also rather easily as well.
Simply drill a hole 3/16" at the preset level inside the tube you want the reactor to sart wasting the Gas or the "burp" level when the reactor is shut up and you still have gas entering(say if you use DIY yeast or have no solenoid).

I use a the powerhead's venturi to suck the gas after it builds up to a preset set level and then the reactor starts to grind the gas up and spits out a very fine mist similar to that of the Disc diffusers.

I'll typically use a 6"L x 2"OD tube and put the venturi hole at about 1.5" down from the top and the burp hole about 2" down.

As far as what Steve was referring to:
The negative pressure on the suction side of a pump will pull the bubbles in. When the powerhead is "off", these bubbles will escape out to the surface rather than go into the impeller and gas lock the powerhead.

The suction side also atomizes the bubble very effectively by pulling it/stretching it out and then it hits to the impeller blades and shreds it.

The Turbofloator venturi Skimmer does the same thing.

Speaking of venturis, they work great for gas diffusion also.

Tom Barr
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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