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"The solubility of oxygen is affected by temperature and by the partial pressure of oxygen over the water. " This quote is from General Chemistry online. Can the same be said for co2 solubility in water. ie--- colder water can hold more oxygen, warmer water holds less oxygen. Is it the same for co2. Would the differences between say 70` and 80`f. be so small it wouldn't matter.
Just wondering....

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Colder water holds more gas, doesn't matter what type of gas, O2, Argon, CO2 etc.

Warmer water holds less. Boiling point=> gas.

They have gas curves for the equilibrium levels for CO2/O2 etc on some sites and text/research papers etc.
Most Limnology text have an O2 temp table.

Does it matter? A tad. If you compare 72F to 86F then you can get some sizable differences.

Colder tanks have seemed to do better IME. Bacterial growth rates also increase at higher temps. This may be a two edged sword though.

Tom Barr
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