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What lighting changes will have a positive impact on the reduction of algae?

  • Reduce lighting period

    Votes: 119 32.1%
  • Reduce lighting intensity

    Votes: 45 12.1%
  • Reduce lighting period and intensity

    Votes: 83 22.4%
  • Program a "noon" burst of light (ie 3hrs 1.5wpg, 4hrs 3wpg, 3hrs 1.5wpg)

    Votes: 36 9.7%
  • Program a lights off "siesta" (ie lights on 5hrs, off for 5hrs, on for 5hrs)

    Votes: 33 8.9%
  • Change the spectrum/color temperature of lights

    Votes: 24 6.5%
  • I don't know: I never have algae! ;-)

    Votes: 31 8.4%
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hi light

I like the look of the plants that high light yields. Lower lighting may make it easier to grow the plants with less algae but lets be realistic here. Alot of people are trying to shoot for the stars with their tank, and recreate some of the top notch tanks with vivd colors that they see all over the net. if someone does not have the time to put it that it requires to maintain a high light tank properly then no it wont work< and lowering the light is better> But if you take the best quality mid to low light tanks and compare them to the top notch high to ultra high tanks the higher light ones are always more stunning in terms of plant quality and color (there are exceptions but for the most part) to each his own but i"d rather walk that line and deal with hte issues of a high light tank
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