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What lighting changes will have a positive impact on the reduction of algae?

  • Reduce lighting period

    Votes: 119 32.1%
  • Reduce lighting intensity

    Votes: 45 12.1%
  • Reduce lighting period and intensity

    Votes: 83 22.4%
  • Program a "noon" burst of light (ie 3hrs 1.5wpg, 4hrs 3wpg, 3hrs 1.5wpg)

    Votes: 36 9.7%
  • Program a lights off "siesta" (ie lights on 5hrs, off for 5hrs, on for 5hrs)

    Votes: 33 8.9%
  • Change the spectrum/color temperature of lights

    Votes: 24 6.5%
  • I don't know: I never have algae! ;-)

    Votes: 31 8.4%
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Of course plants too love good water circulation, almost all tropical fishes and plants from rivers :)

But all algeas Depend on many factors. If high amonia, nitrate, phosphate. Then possibly better cover top of tank with lot of elodea, they suck all nutrients very fast and make good shadows for algea. And after then lower light intensity and shorten lighting period to some 8hr. My expiriments show, light must be constant, if make short on off periods, give more light for short period in day time period then there algea raise more.
Lower intensity and time period helps, but light need constant all day time period.
Also for me help with little nutrients dosage. Dose only Postasium (K2so4) and little micros, that necessary for plant survive and first sucked all phosphates and nitrates. And to much Potasium absolutely not harmfull, can dose always more as necessary.
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