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What lighting changes will have a positive impact on the reduction of algae?

  • Reduce lighting period

    Votes: 119 32.1%
  • Reduce lighting intensity

    Votes: 45 12.1%
  • Reduce lighting period and intensity

    Votes: 83 22.4%
  • Program a "noon" burst of light (ie 3hrs 1.5wpg, 4hrs 3wpg, 3hrs 1.5wpg)

    Votes: 36 9.7%
  • Program a lights off "siesta" (ie lights on 5hrs, off for 5hrs, on for 5hrs)

    Votes: 33 8.9%
  • Change the spectrum/color temperature of lights

    Votes: 24 6.5%
  • I don't know: I never have algae! ;-)

    Votes: 31 8.4%
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Curious to know what people think...

Given that all your other plant nutrients (including CO2) are available to your plants in adequate (or more than adequate) amounts for your level of lighting, what lighting changes will have a positive impact on the reduction of algae?

Assume that you have let's say 3-4wpg.
Reducing light intensity, due to a personal belief that it is a smaller shock to the system than changing duration of the photoperiod. I use floating plants for that. I actually cannot remember a time when I hadnt had any floating plants. Using only a DIY CO2 in a dirt tank this was a reasonable thing to do.
Plants will utilitize any color spectrum, its just that algae and the human aesthetics prefer those known as daylight this or natural that. Ive had 30+ aquatic plants in several tanks under different lighting conditions and all grew well and looked the same, when taken out of the tank. Maybe my opinion would change if I had used a microscope. :D Sure Ive never tried Rotala walichii and Toninas couse I have a hardwater tank, but HC grew well and slow even in a biorb with no WC and dosing at all under window light.
OT> As a lot of members suggested, light is just another nutrient. Id like to add there is no algae free tank, BUT tank maturity, and high oxigenation of the tank will reduce algae.
Oxygen is of utmost importance, not just CO2 levels. Beneficial bacteria will not benefit of CO2 but of O2, and that will have an impact od reducing ammonia levels and ammonia spikes.
Good water surface agitation is important even in an El Natural tank!
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