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What lighting changes will have a positive impact on the reduction of algae?

  • Reduce lighting period

    Votes: 119 32.1%
  • Reduce lighting intensity

    Votes: 45 12.1%
  • Reduce lighting period and intensity

    Votes: 83 22.4%
  • Program a "noon" burst of light (ie 3hrs 1.5wpg, 4hrs 3wpg, 3hrs 1.5wpg)

    Votes: 36 9.7%
  • Program a lights off "siesta" (ie lights on 5hrs, off for 5hrs, on for 5hrs)

    Votes: 33 8.9%
  • Change the spectrum/color temperature of lights

    Votes: 24 6.5%
  • I don't know: I never have algae! ;-)

    Votes: 31 8.4%
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cool discussion, never really thought of light being a problem in the first place but this thread set me straight.
i voted to reduce light intensity as i don't like stem plants going haywire and needing constant attention. limnophilia aquatica is a pain to trim as it grows at 6-8 inches a week.
i'm only half of what edward is doing at 3WPG at 12 hours constant. i can't imagine 6WPG... whoa...i'd say it would be cool if at those intensities it sped up the growth of the slower than turtle ones like bolbitis, downnoi and the crypts...but the algae! i can't imagine as i've made peace with the algae.
i have it easy and scrape once fortnightly and the tank is good to look at for at least ten days without any interference other than dosing and water top up.

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Edward said:
Hi standoyo
The PPS dose is 2 ml SS, 4 ml PF, 4 drops Mg and 4 drops TE per 10 gallon.

The water flows through a UV sterilizer keeping GW green water away and making crisp clean visibility while having no filter and no filtration in these aquariums. Algae is absolutely 100% non existing.

Thank you
i like the idea of speeding up some plants but alas i'm not around everyday to dose. works takes me away for 3wks at a time.

erm, never had green water issues but spot algae yes. i like it on the rocks but not on the glass. scrape scrape scrape!
i have trouble getting loose ferts and luckily friend has found some kh2PO4 and KNO3.
let me reread the PPS and i'll get back to you as i'm new to PPS...

thanks a heap...

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