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So I finally got me a nice Aquamedic regulator and solenoid valve. I also got me one of these nifty reactors from Ebay.

I have it set at 25 PSI right now on the regulator since the guy who sold it to me said there is no need to get a needle valve. It seems that everytime the CO2 turns on the water level starts to receed inside the reactor thus leaving the CO2 exposed in the chamber not combining with the water. If I go down 20-15 PSI,all the water inside the reactor receeds all the way.The PSI setting gives me a steady 1 bubble count per second. Is it because I don't have a needle valve and all that pressure is pushing down the water? Or do I just have a weak powerhead? Will getting a needle valve lower the pressure even more and actually keep the water level steady in the reactor? Or will getting a more powerful powerhead actually do the job? I'm about to chuck the reactor and just get me a glass diffusor.

I tried posing the picture of the reactor but was unsuccesful. The reactor is the green one with bioballs inside sold by an HK seller. The CO2 is injected from the top, the powerhead port is on the upperside corner and the water outlet is in the bottom. Maybe it's the reactor itself?

I chose the reactor because supposedly they are superior to diffusers. I have a 4 footer 60 gallon.

Thanks for all your advice,
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