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Is there any way I can use this stuff for CO2

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Left C had a look at this stuff and didn't think it would work with a CO2 system, but I guess I'm grasping at straws and looking for other opinions. I can pretty much get any fittings or gauges that I need to retrofit these Victor Medalist oxygen regulators....but would the regulators themselves work for CO2 injection?

Also, does anyone know what that thing on the right is, I thought it might be a needle valve.

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the one on the right kinda looks like a secondary regulator? and the one on the left looks like a argon regulator? If it is an argon regulator it can be used on co2 but you have to swap out the fitting, (i think you can get them through most welding shops) something that normally comes with an Argon regulator is a Co2 fitting. Victor Is a pretty good regulator and im sure you could get a nice price on E-bay for them, to help offset the price of what you need.
They are both Victor Medalist Oxygen regulators... Victor Medalist 250-125-540 seems to be the model number. Each regulator is stamped with the word "Oxygen" on it. One of them is just missing a gauge (and has a different fitting).

Perhaps I should just E-Bay them and see if I can't get 50-75 bucks, collectively, out of them.

Thanks for the reply!
Use a CO2 cylinder.


CGA-320 to CGA-580 coupler/adapter.

Then attach:

CGA-580 to CGA-540 coupler/adapter.

I couldn't find any CGA-320 to CGA-540 couplers, so you'll have to do two steps. But those adapters may be half the price of a new regulator anyways.

The fittings were found:

I'm sure you can find distributors that are cheaper.

Here's a thread where someone used a O2 regulator on a CO2 tank successfully:
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Wow, epicfish, that is just what I needed to see! Many, many thanks!

Both of those regulators have different couplers so I will see what I have and what I will need to buy. Seems like from that article you linked to, that I can go ahead and get a low pressure gauge.
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