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Hey Jag,

Looks like a good setup to me. I agree with Trenac about the Neons, they school really well. Though I don't have experiance with Rena or Fluval. I use an Eheim 2236 on my 29 gal.

I used to run a DIY Co2 setup similar to the Red Sea. I got great results from it, and it ran 24/7 without problems.

I will buy a CO2 Injection kit later in time, but for right now this is the setup I am looking at creating right now.
Once you go with the Pressurized Co2 I believe you will want to shut it off at night as most of us do. BTW I noticed a huge change after going pressurized.

I want to stock ALOT of plants in this tank.
Once you get the tank heavily planted you will want to really look into your Fert. routine. A bit of reading in the forum will amaze....and possibly confuse you...(as it has

Good luck!
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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