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I have 3 of them, each in a different tank. Two are in 20 gallon tall tanks with 65w CF and are somewhat crowded by the other plants. They are staying about 4-6" tall but otherwise appear to be healthy. One originally wouldn't stay planted (probably was getting dug up by my loaches), so I let it float for a couple weeks until it had good roots and planted it again and it's doing fine now. The third plant is in a 33 gallon tank with 2x65w CF and dense floaters. It has grown over 15" tall and has dozens of leaves. All three tanks have soil under eco complete and are dosed with gluteraldehyde on a daily basis. The only differences I can see for the growth rate are the light and the fact the 2 smaller plants have always been rather crowded by the surrounding heavy root feeders (swords and crypts) plus all the unruly stem plants trying to overgrow their space. BTW, my water is on the soft/acidic side.
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