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it's been a while... Chiaroscuro Operandi No.1 (8.6 gallons)

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wanted to play around with the theme of light and dark for this next piece. so i selected plants that would create an intense dark green background along with other plants that would "pop". so far i am pleased with the effect, but time will tell once when everything starts to grow in full force.

so on to the hardscape...

scape is made up of two main pieces of lava rock. smaller support pieces of lava rock were added in to create depth. was able to create a cave with this one, so i am very pleased. substrate is aquasoil mixed in with dark lava rock gravel.

a bit of this, a dash of that. centerpiece plants of this tank are anubias white, but in order to make these plants stand out, we need to start to create a back drop. dark leaved plants and mosses help accomplish this. amongst the plants used include normal anubias petite, mini bolbitis, and quite a few dark bucephalandra species.

java fern trident for background (might change it)

tank is filled.

threw in some downoi, just because. i dont know how i feel about it just yet. the green-yellow does not compliment the white plants very well. i'll make my final decision once when the plants are fully grown.

a dead zone. i haz it.

another progress pic. java fern filled out more.

threw in some hygrophila pinnatifida. this is my go to plant and i love everything about it---except it grows way too effin big. so here's my plan--im gonna prune the Ishtar out of it. prune it constantly so that it continuously makes shoots and so the leaves stay compact. if that area is successful, i might take out all the java fern trident and replace it with h. pinnatifida as i prefer that texture.

once the plant has grown tall enough, im going to snip it almost near the bottom to encourage off shoots. such a wonderful plant. you might have noticed the undersides have a metallic sheen underneath them. this actually allows them to reflect off light reflected from the anubias, creating that super wicked kewl iridescent green glow.

tank as it stands now...

and on to the close up treasures of the tank:

i hope i sensory overloaded you in a good way.

thanks for tanking a look!
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You should update your posts over here buddy ;)

Also, how do you get your Caloglossa sp. Beccarii so red? Mine is brownish with EI, close to lighting and injected CO2.
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