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I had about 4-5 Jae's in my 72 gal for a while when it was low-tech. They did fine and I really liked how they hung out amongst the lower branches of my plants, just above the "cory zone". One thing that was not so great as they never really colored-up very well. The LFS store I got them from sold me 2 males and 3 females and they looked very nice in the store but after 4-5 months they all stayed kind of ugh in color, even though my cards, rummy-nosed, etc. were all coloring beautifully. I went from a white sand substrate to a dark grey SMS hoping that might help but it did not. A little later I changed the tank over to high-tech and really did some major hardscape and plantscape rearrangement. Things got a bit cloudy. All fish made it thru fine but the jae barbs who pretty much disappeared. I saw only one after the big change over, and then from a few days after that nothing. Never saw them again.... :confused:
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