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Last year the James River Aquarium Society (JRAS) held their first All-Day Auction, in Richmond Va.
it was a huge success, and we are now in the planning stages for our Second auction, October 29, 2016

I am wondering if I can put out a request for possible donations towards our auction from growers here on the APC forum and what the best way to promote it would be.
Of course we wouldn't need anything prior to the week of the auction itself, but I am reaching out to APC members who have a surplus of plants,shrimp, supplies or anything freshwater that would consider helping a newer organization.

Once I know when & where to post, I will give pertinent shipping information so we can make this a great function.

thanks so much

david sombach
Auction Chair JRAS.

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Hey there,

Unfortunately, we will have to decline your request to ask members for donations.
This is seen as self promotion and is not allowed on the site.

Thank you for understanding,

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