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a freudian landscape ?

Hi, this post may seem a little bit weird :shock: but there it's : Daniel, I love your tank I like the way it's balanced but not symmetric. I showed the pictures and your comments to a friend who asked me a very strange question : "is there something Freudian in this landscape ? I find it very "curvy"!"... shocking :oops: ? stupid :? ? ... well let's give a second look to some pictures and comments.[/img]
[/code]The current design is convex and concave. The wood is concave and the plant group is convex. I wanted to try the 3D-perspective-illusion Takashi Amano often makes with driftwood making the tank look deeper and leading the eye away from the confinements of the tank. The driftwood forms a big hug, hugging and welcoming the viewer and in it's lap I placed the solitaire Ludwigia glandulosa[/quote]
There might be an unconsciousness part in the building of our landscape. what do you think about that ?
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