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Hey Roy,

I sold all my remaining stock in December, I still have the 6500k bulbs. I have two units set up in my lobby. I use the Hagen Nutrifin C02 system for them, and put the Hagen ladder diffusor INSIDE the filter! Works great. The only way to clean the filter is to remove the filter material. You also have to be carefull of fish getting into the filter chamber if your waer level is too high, (some fish manage to get over the wall) I had some Botias that got in there and getting them out was impossible! Even with a clean sponge.

>>have one with the single bulb and that is not sufficient for high light stems. I can't comment on the 24W version.<< (what happened to the quote button? oh never mind...the quote button is not on the reply screen)

The single bulb is 24 watt. With C02 I havn't had a problem. The 48 watt would be better.
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