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JBJ Nano Cubes

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Does anyone here own a JBJ Nano Cube? How well does it grow plants with the amount of lighting it comes with (24w PC)? Is it enought to grow "high light" plants such as Rotala macrandra, Eusteralis stellata, etc?


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I think Luis Navaro has one, Ghazanfar... I've sold over 50 of them in the last few months. Most of those I remember are using small stem plants like micranthemoides and petite nana, things along that line. I don't know of anyone who has tried macrandra in that tank. You may be interested to know that JBJ is going to release a model later this year with two 24 watt PCs. That should be more than enough light for anything.
OO man will you be selling thoughs Robert? I'd have to get one.
Using the knowledge base of the reefing community, I have decided to retrofit mine with a 13w compact flourescent along with the 24w bulb that comes with it. That gives me 3 wpg of PC lighting. Should be more than enough. :)

Are we setting up a stem plant tank or low-tech plant ?.

I think having Anubias sp., Microsorum pteropus, some smaller Cryptocoryne sp, Marsilea and standard 24 watt PC should be more than enough for healthy tank.
You guys might be interested to see the two nanocubes that I've set up for the store I work for...

This one grows glosso like crazy:

And the foxtail and red tiger lotus are doing really well in this one:

Both the tanks have fertilized substrate... EcoComplete in the first, and Flourite in the second. I never remember to dose Flourish Excel or a liquid fert and I haven't messed with the lighting. My glosso tank has been around since August and the foxtail one was set up in December.

I just thought you guys would be interested in what those little tanks can accomplish; they've caught the attention of quite a few customers and really surprised my boss and coworkers.
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C_perugiae, did you change any of the original lighting?
Nope, that's just the original 24 watts of PC... they're 6500K bulbs. I wanted to see what the tanks were capable of without messing around with them. Just a side note, though... the foxtail in the second nanocube isn't holding its form as well anymore. I'm going to try liquid ferts in that tank, but I have a feeling the light just isn't bright enough.
My Nano Cube grew Rotala Indica, Rotala Macrondra green and Stargrass pretty well. Of course I was adding CO 2 w/ two 2 litre bottles. I broke the tank down because I was using actinic lighting which was causing a major algae outbreak. I am going to change the lighting to 6400k. I was using the Vortex Reactor. I plan to drill a hole in the back of the hood to accomodate the cord for the pump and use only 1 2 litre bottle.

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