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ADMIN NOTES This thread was originally in a sponsors forum and when started there made sense. It has since morphed from what may have been one specific sponsors policy to a discussion on a manufactures practices with multiple sponsors involved. No longer being sponsor specific it has been moved to a more appropriate area.

I am having problems getting the JBJ regulator to seal. I wrote a thread about it in the equipment forum. I have tried using the washer included with the regulator, and went out and got a different washer from my CO2 supplier (I had just bought a tank for this reg, hence the delay in set-up).. I even tried using some of the special tape for screw ons, no luck. Still hissing at me. The regulator is plugged in when I am doing this.
I am going to give it one last try, by taking down to my CO2 supplier, but if it is faulty... where do I go from here?
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