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Hold on, don't make any presumptions... what I decided to do was strictly based on my own experience and the experience of my customers like Andrew who have been very vocal publically. I have no idea if any other company has experienced any problems or not. Andrews experience made me look bad. Plain and simple. Don't create any other agenda or put words in my mouth.

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Amano Style Regulator = ADA regulator same diff

gnatster said:
Amano Type CO2 Regulator

Their discription, not mine
As far as I can tell, LELAND manufactures the Amano regulator. It has the exact same psi output, dimensions. Only Amano swaps out the hose barb w/ a pneumatic needle valve (which Leland also sells), slaps on the ADA logo in the pressure gauge and voila it costs 280$ US. That works out to about 300% markup if you were to get a good deal on multiple units.

Unfortunately, Leland doesn't seem at all interested to actually sell this regulator to normal people like me (I leaked the fact I was going to use it for aquaria and they suddenly refused to sell it to me.... hmmmm. Definitely a sore spot with me right now)

This would require some fittings to fit onto a welding canister however as it is 5/32 or 1/8" NPT.

Rather than dreading the day you see ADA knockoffs flood the market, perhaps we should welcome some healthy competition in an industry that in my opinion is flooded with overpriced repackaged products - lights, regulators, needle valves, pH controllers... These are all products developed outside the aquarium industry and are essentially hijacked by firms with a good reputation and "product image."

Certainly it is a service they offer to sell reliable products, but IMO they are gouging us in a huge way. This is why we see so many DIYers out there.

It is our responsibility to expose massive markups in order to drive down prices on quality products and introduce more competition for good merchandise.
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