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July Meeting -- Pizza party!

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July 19, 1:00pm

I took TAM's advice and called Boston's The Gourmet Pizza in Irving.

1100 Market Place Blvd
Irving, TX
Telephone - (972) 869-2210,+Irving,+TX+75063&spn=0.031863,0.040403&hl=en

Come hungry!! DFWAPC is springing for pizza and dessert.

Topic will be the Future of the DFWAPC, AGA convention, and AGA contest. I will bring ADA journals and TAGs and PAMs to raffle and anything else I can find while cleaning out my fish closet. Please bring plants, fish, and shrimps. No buckets, please. :)

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Sounds fun...I'll plan to be there. :D

p.s. Thanks for organizing this Cheryl!
Unfortunately I won't be able to make it.
Y'all have enough fun for me too!

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