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Finishing the half way mark on the 2008 year with, it looks that the NASH club as made a great turn around, both in membership and what it is providing to the members. We have had some good times this year with our addition to the Houston Fish Box, the excellent presentation by Paul on Wabi Kusa, the field trip to San Marcos, and last month's presentation by Luis that we attended in conjunction and hosed by our friends from GHAC. That being said we are by no means done, we have an invertagrate presentation comming in AUG or SEPT (forgive me I can not remember when).

All that being said, the July meeting will be about regrouping to reflect on the first half of the year and planing for the next half. Meeting topics to finish out the year and the AGA convention should be disscussed. Some Nash members are expressing some interst in going to the AGA convention (including myself:)). So the posibility of making this a club trip has presented itself (at the very least we could plan the trip to gain group rates if applicable).

Also by all means bring any plants to swap or if you have no interst in the AGA convention come anyways, this will be more of a relaxed meeting.

Time: July 12 1:00pm
Location: ADG (unconfirmed) or a restraunt

PM me if you have any questions
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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