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Anybody know what's going on with this month's meeting? Technically, the 3rd Saturday of July is the 17th, this upcoming weekend. Is that when we intend to meet? Do we have any plans? Are we just going to invade Michael's basement and ask questions later? Have aliens brainwashed us all!?!?!?!

Also, because I am awesome, I traipsed all over today and found myself an actual local specimen of Lindernia dubia !!!!! (yes, I'm way too proud of myself) But look, look at this flower:

And this Linderia-ful leaf:

Yes, well, anyway, I'm going to try to grow it out and bring some. Or, for lack of time, just split up the specimen I collected for any who express an interest here. :D

If anyone wants me to bring any of my stuff, speak now :D or hold your peace 'til the next meet. :p
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