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Jungle Fever

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Here is my 55 gallon planted aquarium. I would like to have some red plants but my lighting isn't sufficient and my fish would tear them up. I used to have more delicate plants but they'd never last. I'm looking for suggestions on how to make each plant stand out and make it look more Dutch style. They always seem to bunch together although my recent re-scaping made the tank look much better. I have 130 watts PC which will probably be upgraded in a couple of months, pressurized co2, along with fine pea gravel supplemented with laterite (that is probably used up since I put it) and Flourish Tabs, and I rarely fertilize with KNO3, Flourish, and Potassium Phosphate.

BTW, is HTML code off because I can't embed the picture?
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nice tank. do fix your link...
I've always thought it was cool how a simple aquascape with just a couple large swords can look so good. Your tank is no exception.
foofooree, what did you do to embed it?
Okay I know what happened. When you enlarge the image, the URL changes to your Web Album, not a direct link.
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