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just a quick question

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I wanted to get a pair of dwarf flame gouramis for my tank are they ok for planted tanks
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I'll say "yes", but also, I've never kept gourami.
I would say "no" because all flame gouramis are male.
I havent had much trouble with my pearl gourammi but if there is some plants that are floating that have dead spots they will eat the dead plants matter but that is just my experience with pearls.
thanks there just a beautiful fish i have always wanted... doesnt the pearl gourami get pretty big
Yes I believe that it gets to be six inches or so.
Dwarf gouramis are beautiful fish. I prefer the natural coloration, which can be quite nice when the fish is in full color. Note that regular dwarf gouramis can usually get prettier, with brighter colors than in the store. The newer color varieties usually don't get much brighter than they are in the store, at least in my experience.

Dwarfs will do fine in a planted tank. They like to hide when spooked and the least little thing might spook them, so plants help. They usually aren't bad about eating plants, but feeding vegetable flakes part of the time might help.

If you put more than one dwarf in a tank, the dominant male may do a lot of chasing of the other dwarfs. They typically don't bother other fish, though there's always exceptions.

Pearl gouramis usually get 4 to 6 inches and would need a minimum of a 3 foot tank and preferably a 4 foot or more tank. In a large tank, I've found them to be well behaved.
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thank you very much ranchwest i actually went ahead and bought two dwarf flame gouramis i couldnt help myself... they seem to be so happy in there environment its only a 60 gallon tank but they seem to have enough room not to bother eachother
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